Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Perfect Timing ...

There are just times when God shows up
At the exact moment you need Him
Today was that day

I'll just share that I will miss these days
Now that school has started
No more piles of towels and swimsuits 
Left on the floor after the girls have gone home on Thursday
I'll still have my little K~Baby
However the two older girls have started school
K~Bel is in Kindergarten
K~Bug is in middle school
Where do the years go

I've shared many times how much I totally LOVE my job
It gives me opportunities to do a variety of things
And I not only love my boss
I also enjoy being with the girls I work with

I'm sure we all have days or tiny seasons
That challenge our abilities and understanding
As well as our patience
 This has been that week

There are deadlines and projects
That need my undivided attention
And I've been a bit stressed
So, I was extremely excited to come home today
And find some Real Unexpected Happy Mail 
Waiting for me

The package was wrapped so creatively
Pictures, ribbons, lace and words
Placed lovingly around the outside

And the inside was no different
Romantic Homes Magazine
A sweet card filled with encouraging words, tags and love

As well as a sweet towel
Wonderfully scented sachet
Cute doily and Love

Thank you Jo from Anne's Attic Design
Were Jesus with Skin on
I'm so grateful for the surprise Happy Mail
Thank you

Blog Friend are the 'Blessed'

May your day be blessed
And may you find JOY in the Midst



  1. The kids go back to school early by you? What a lovely gift Anne sent you so enjoy some time, relax and read it!

  2. What a nice way
    to make someone's day!

  3. Wow that go there so fast! 2 days! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Have a lovely evening my friend. XO Jo

  4. What a lovely unexpected gift to lift your heart and bring a smile to your face.

    May today be a lovely day dear Cindy ~ FlowerLady

  5. Good morning Cindy,
    Wow time flies with the girls back in school. I am so happy you received Happy Mail from Jo. She is so sweet and creative and thoughtful. Enjoy your treats.

  6. Sounds like you are experiencing some happy days. That's good to hear.
    Lot's of thoughtful people out there!
    Love to you, Cindy.

  7. I just LOVE happy mail! I should be posting about the Pocket Letter swap this weekend...

  8. Cindy, you are so deserving of such a nice gift. I have recently just 'met' Jo and she is really a great lady. What a sweet and thoughtful gift..Happy Friday..Judy

  9. Cindy, what a sweet, thoughtful surprise! Always praying for you :)

  10. What a nice surprise. I love real mail. It's nice to get even an encouraging word in snail mail. I need to do a bit of that myself.


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