Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Bit Random

Hi Friends,

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a week since I blogged 
It's just been a busy season at work
And my son had friends over all week
So, I guess I have been a bit preoccupied

I don't have a lot to share tonight
But I thought it was time to check in

How is everybody doing?
I hope to get by your blogs tonight!

I was at my mom's new home today
I'm continuing to help her get settled
She's doing so well
And Loving her new place
The above photo was taken in her back yard area
I'm not sure what type of flower this is
But they are blooming so beautifully right now
It was 117 yesterday and I think about the same today
I sure don't know how these flowers survive
But it was nice to sit outside and see something so pretty
Even in the heat of the day

Because I have been so busy with other things
I haven't taken much time to pamper myself
I felt like this afternoon was a good time
So, I took 30 minutes lighten my pearly whites
And another 30 minutes or so
To darken my not so pearly greys
And, a good time was had by {me}

On the way home from my mom's this afternoon
I stopped by Green Table Gifts
To pick up a couple items I needed to make my first
Pocket Letter Pals Set
AND ...
I found this beauty that I just couldn't come home without
It doesn't look very big in this photo
But it is 33 x 17
And the perfect size to be re-loved
For a project I have been wanting to do
And, best of all, it was only $18

I praying for a quiet evening so I can come visit your blogs
Have a wonderful Sunday
May you find Joy in something simple today

Blessings ~~~


  1. Great find. It's important to pamper yourself sometimes. Enjoy your weekend! It's way too hot! xoxo Su

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Glad you had that time to spend with your mom today. My mom is up from Florida for a visit so we have been busy with family things. Have a great week end.

  3. Cindy, sounds like you have been really busy. That's great. You sure got a great deal on the stamp box. What a great find. Have a wonderful day off. Hugs, Jo

  4. Your mother so appreciates your assistance! I know I would!

  5. I think the flower is a Mexican Petunia. They are very hardy.

    Glad your Mom is settling into her new home.

    Your temps sounds awful!!! Our temps have been running in the high 80's but with the humidity the real feel is is the low 100's. I bet you are enjoying your pool.

    Love that piece that you picked up and look forward to see what you are going to do with it.

    Have a great upcoming week ~ FlowerLady

  6. I'm glad that you were able to take some time out for yourself. I should try those Crest white strips. My teeth could use some whitening!

  7. Hi Cindy - I'm starting to work on my letter pockets this week too, I thing it will be so fun!

    Love your typeset cabinet.


  8. Cindy, So glad you did take some time for yourself. We have too, or we can burn out. The temperature there is scary high....please take care. Tell the boys to drink lots of water. Glad your mom likes her home. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. I haven't spent a lot of time in bogland this summer either...partly because I needed a little break.
    That's an awesome printer's tray you found!
    Mary Alice

  10. Hi Cindy, love this post and the printers tray is a treasure. I have the same one holding my thimble collection. So nice to catch up here and visit after some time away. What a difference a break makes. I'm ready to get back into my routine. Glad you had some time to relax and break too. Best wishes to your mom in her new home.
    Blessings and hugs, cm

  11. Love catching up with you here. May your day and week be blessed dear friend!
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. What a great price for your printer's box, Cindy! I'm sure you will have fun with that! It's so nice that you are helping your mom with her new place. I'm sure she really appreciates you.
    Enjoy all this August weather!
    Love to you.

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by and for always taking the time to leave such a nice comment!


  14. Oh Cindy, it is so wonderful that you take some well deserved time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself. Ooh, and love your awesome find. Wishing you a wonderful, and bit cooler day.


  15. Cindy, that's great that your mom is doing good, that you pampered yourself, and that you scored a great find! (I can't believe it's that hot there!!) xo

  16. Wow, hope it cools down soon Cindy. That is hot! Glad things are going well for your mom. The flower looks like it might be Penstemon. Hard to tell for sure. Does that whitener work well? I would like to try it. I have trays, but hate wearing them. I really should just put them on in the morning now and then, but never remember. Love your found treasures, and what a bargain! Hope your week is going nicely!

  17. Cindy, a great post. So glad your mom is settling into her new place and I bet you are looking gorgeous!! Love that tray (is type set?), and can't wait to see how you display it. I have always wanted one but never have gotten one. Sounds like a good price..Happy Thursday and hope you survive those temps!!..Judy

  18. What a great tray you found, Cindy, and what a great price, too! I'd love to see what you do with it. They are great for both storage or to get crafty with. That is a beautiful flower - it looks like Angel's Trumpet, but I've only ever seen them in white so I don't know if they come in other colors.

    Thanks for your visit! : )

  19. Glad your mom is getting settled. I'm ready to get my roots done. Hair upkeep is so expensive. I used to do the box when I stopped working. I think I'm gonna have to go back to doing it myself. Yours is always so beautiful. Finding the right color is hard. You need to take some time for yourself. You deserve it. Thanks, Cindy for all your sweet comments on my blog.


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