Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Mail ... Or ...

Hi Friends,

Today I received 2 packages in the mail
I've always called these days
Happy Mail Days
But truly I'm wondering if I'm wrong

But before I go there
Let us see what arrived today

This is my second order from KEEP Collective
You can click above to see what it is
Today I received my double Keeper
And 5 of the 6 keys that I will wear on it
This is a new jewelry line to me
And I am loving the piece I received last week
Can't wait to put this piece together 

I also received a beautifully packaged
Item from Must Love Junk
I love how I (kind of) received 2 items
Because Susan put together the sweetest tag
It has a flash card with cute paper attached
As well as a tag and a sweet key and ribbon
I love it

Inside is what I actually ordered
The cutest Ever vintage pail with lid
So chippy white and sweet

It has a new home 
In my beachy office
On top of my inspiration shelving unit
I'm not quite sure what I will put inside it
But it will have a place of honor in my office
I love it!!!

What is the ...or... on a Happy Mail Day?

I'm wondering if my Happy Mail Days'
Are just an outward manifestation
Attempting to fill
An inward empty and lonely heart

No amount of purchases can fill an empty heart
But it can give you moments of joy
Although they are just fleeting moments

Many of you know that I have battled depression
Most all of my life
It is a daily struggle to find joy in each and every day
Most days I do quite well
Some days are harder

Because I have changed my eating habits so drastically
I no longer run to food to feed my emotions
However, there are days I run shopping
Hmmm ... And then I have a really cool Happy Mail Day

I'm sharing the reality of my heart
Truth can be hard some days
Something to think about

Many Blessings for the Day


  1. I soooooo understand what you are saying dear sister. Love your "Happy Mail" treasures!

  2. I love, love, love happy mail days! I had one yesterday! I received some goodies from a giveaway I won on Instagram. So fun! I had not heard of this jewelry line but I went and checked it out. Such fun jewelry! I am sorry you batle depression. While I don't really battle it myself, I do feel like I am an emotional eater. I am battling that! Any tips would be appreciated. I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and may you get some more happy mail!

  3. That is so great to be surprised! I could use a happy mail day now and then.

  4. It is such fun to have 'happy mail days'. I'm expecting a pkg today and one next week. :-)

    Since becoming a widow, I've really had times of depression. They come and go. I miss my dear husband every single day. Only God can ease my loneliness and heal my broken heart, (as you well know). I do enjoy my humble, cottage style gardens, buying new plants is what I enjoy doing but have to curb my spending these days.

    May you feel God's love, peace, joy and strength dear Cindy.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. Dear Cindy, I love your happy mail and the precious items you received with your orders. So pretty and so you. Love the new jewelry line. I have not seen this one and I will have to check it out.
    Happy Mail always seems to arrive at just the right time when we need it.

    My prayers are with you as you struggle with depression. May God keep you lifted from those depths and replace it all with only joy!! Sending hugs to you dear friend.
    Blessings and Have a special day! cm

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Depression is such a hard thing to deal with. Everyone is so different and what works for one does not always work for another. It is a struggle but I am so glad that little things in life sometimes can give us hope and a uplift to make the day better. Happy Mail days are just an example of something coming along when you need it most. Hugs to you.
    Love ya,

  7. Cindy, I know some of your story and it would be hard to not be depressed. I'm glad you have more good than bad days. To have a happy mail day once in awhile is good for the spirit. I have quite a few of them myself, and I love it when I do..Take care and Happy Thursday (mail) Day..Judy

  8. Cindy I sure do know right where you are coming from. There are those days when I don't get out of bed and if I didn't tend my grands I would probably stay there. Depression not only makes are days very blue but it is very painful as well. To many years of abuse for me. Blogging has really helped me with that. So many wonderful friends that keep me on my toes. Blogging friends like you. Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend and you are in my prayers. Hugs, Jo

  9. I still think of how adorable your space to create is! I know you love your new addition. I do!

  10. Honestly, I can so relate. I find myself thrifting and thrifting and everything I buy I love, BUT I don't have any place for them. But I can't help myself, I have to buy them, and its ever so exciting. I feel so good, and then I have all these treasures laying around, with no place to store, and it makes me anxious. I have two oil paintings coming and a vintage picnic basket for our trailer...I need help!

  11. There was a time when getting the mail was the highlight of my day....I still love getting mail, but no one writes anymore....altho if I'd answer the 2 letters I Have here that might change, huh? Sorry about your depression...glad you have changed your eating habits. I hope you've talked to your dr.

  12. Cindy, I'm so glad that a happy mail day brightened your spirits for a bit! (I know they do mine, too!) Please know that you are special and in my prayers all the time! xo


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