Monday, May 5, 2014

So Random

A couple of weeks ago
I found these items at Sweet Salvage

Tonight I'm sharing the chair

Eventually I plan on getting a planter inset for the chair
But for tonight I just put this old pot in it

It doesn't fit perfectly
But it will work for now

I added this ornamental grass
And it is sitting in in the kids seating area on the patio

This is a quick shot of the kiddos seating area
They love to play grown up here
The plant will add to the area
And can you see that the petunia's that the girls planted
Are still growing strong

 You may have seen a photo like the one above
On my last post about my youngest grand's 2nd birthday
Well, after I compared my hair to her other grandma's hair
(mine is the 'white' hair)
I HAD to do This

 As soon as I got home from work today
I Got Busy

 Now, That's Better :)

On Saturday I found this enamelware pan with lid
For a whoppin' $1
I cannot wait to turn it into a planter

Do you have any randomness going on in your world
Do Share :)


  1. Your little planter chair is so sweet. Love the children's sitting area on the patio. Perfect!
    Mary Alice

  2. Your are so creative! Love the chair and it worked perfectly with the pot in it.

    Oh, don't even get me started on hair. It is constant maintenance when coloring gets started. But, I've been doing it for years and suppose I'll continue. :o)))

    A happy day is wished for you!

  3. What a great piece to add to the children's area, you could even add some sweet baby climbing roses to the the pot and let them grow and climb. A perfect tea party setting.

    Love your hair, and would love to not be a slave to color and allow a lot more grey, my favorite colour next to white take over. Stay brave and beautiful with your colour.

    Thank you Cindy, for adding beauty to my days with leaving such a comment that joys.
    Will love getting to know you much better.



  4. Love the Sweet Salvage chair! And the 'peek' of your hair looks pretty! I want to see more of it :)

  5. The little planter chair is so sweet and I bet the kiddos will love it! Now lets see your new color:)

  6. I have no idea what color my hair is. I have been having it streaked for at least 15 years. It is almost blonde on top now.


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