Friday, May 23, 2014

Just a Few Things That Made me Smile This Week

Last week was extremely emotional for me
So this week
I decided to find some things that
Made Me Smile

Thank you to Kris at Junk Chic Cottage
For sending this cute air freshener
It makes me smile every day

I can not believe that my K~Bug has completed 4th grade
And will be in the 'Big' class on campus next year
I love her SO much

Cousins hanging out together
Always makes me Smile

My Great Niece 'G' 
Was is a super cute play on Wednesday evening at her church
The Agape League

And because she always makes me smile
My Niece (who was the drama director of the above mentioned play)
Decided to 'try out' her daughter's costume!

Love things that make me Smile
Especially after an Extremely Emotional Week
How about you?


  1. Definitely! Your blog is one of the things that made me smile today!

  2. I'm glad that after an emotional week you had some things that made you smile. May you have more smile bringers this weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hope you're feeling better and have a great week ahead! :)


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