Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Few More of My Sweet Finds

Tonight I'm sharing just a few more of my sweet finds
I could not believe it when I found this item for $2

Yes, that's right $2
I grabbed it immediately and put it in the trunk of my car

Once the little K's where finished painting their flower pots the other day
I used the rest of the paint to liven up the round shelves

It's on the back patio and I keep the little K's
Watering cans on it as well as a few petunias

I'm not sure if I shared this already but
I found this beauty at Sweet Salvage 2 weeks ago for a very fair price
The girls Love it
In face K~Bel has claimed it as her own 

This is another Sweet Salvage find
I fell in love with this beautifully patina(ed) copper pot

She didn't need any updating
I just put her on the back patio as well
And added a couple cups filled with petunias

I may eventually plant something in the pot
But for now I didn't want to drill drain holes in her
So she'll just receive potted flowers for now

I have several other finds to share
But I'm trying to finish up a couple of projects with them
You'll have to check back soon

I can't believe that Sweet Salvage is next week again
Ummm...I may have to pass this one up...

Or NOT!!

Enjoy your Day Friends

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  1. Great finds ... love the copper pot.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. WOWEE! I love all of your goodies!

    Have a great weekend and a lovely Mother's Day ~ FlowerLady

  3. That plant stand is wonderful, Cindy! Incredible price! Adore the copper pot. You might try adding a couple of inches of rocks to the bottom for drainage instead of drilling holes. You just have to be care not to over-water.

  4. Hi Cindy. So glad you came by my blog. I would LOVE to get together...and do you know Marty? We need to get together. So what city are you in. I am in Mesa, Marty is far west side. Let me know!! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Wow! Great finds for great prices, too. I have a pot like yours...and would LOVE one of those benches. I've loved them since I was a little girl...Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life!


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