Monday, January 23, 2012

E~Room Re~Do

Though the quality of my photos may not be the best
The E~Room Re~Do is finally complete (Almost)
I took the above photo as we were beginning to clean
The carpet is awful and the walls were a mess
Matthew goes a bit crazy with nails, tacs and screws
I was able to take down this 27" TV
Which will eventually go in my bedroom
(Why is it that the Kids get the newer better stuff?)
Son #2 was a super help when it came to
Patching holes, sanding and painting the walls

 He is also an {E}lectronic Fanatic
He has between 8 and 10 game systems
A lap top, a PC, 2 televisions,
And a host of other {E}lectronic gagets
The photo above is of his walk in closet
Mind you we have a 1180 sq ft home
Not large, but room enough for us
In the closet he now has a table/desk where he keeps
His PC and 1 small TV
 On this wall in his room
He has most of his other game systems
A 32" TV and a stereo
 Though most everything in his room is
Black, Silver and Red
I just could NOT paint the shelves that my husband
Made for Matthew before his passing
This is where Matthew keeps most of his
Horse figurines and his Championship Ribbons
 I talked him into bringing a little grey into the room
Instead of all Red
 One of his favorite books
Some of his 300 or so Horse and Gaming Magazines

It was a fun project and allowed us to spend a
Couple of good quality days together
Next up...
Laundry Room

Considering Projects A Joy,

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