Friday, February 3, 2012

Lesson From Nana's Little Helper

Last week was gorgeous
So I took my gorgeous little K~Bel outside to do a bit of yard work
She is such a little helper
 She wanted to do Everything I did
But with a twist
If I pulled weeds out of the rock
She would throw them back in
If I swept the weeds into a pile
She swept them into a scatter
 But she thought she was helping her Nana
It was actually a delight to watch her
I smiled and laughed so much
This week I was praying
Asking the Lord to 'help' in my circumstances
Reminded during prayer of these photos
The Lord spoke to my heart

I wonder how often God 'works' for my good
And my 'help' only causes a mess

Let me trust you Lord
Trust that You are working for my good
And though you want me near
You don't Always need my kind of help

Thank you Lord
For speaking to my Heart

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  1. I've been thinking about you and realizing that I hadn't seen/heard much from you lately ... wondering how you're doing now. It was good to see this post! 2012 is a year of counting our blessings ... Anew!


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