Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do You Know Why Women Need Fat?

Well, at least the Title was intriguing!

From time to time I have the opportunity to review a new book through BlogHer book club.  I usually receive a few sentences about the book and its author(s) but not much else.  Until I receive it I never know for sure what I have gotten myself into.  The title of this particular book intrigued me from the beginning so I was excited to give it a read. 

I must admit it was a rough read for me.  If you like facts and figures, statistics and numbers, this is a super book for you, but if you don't, this book just might give you a headache.  Yet, if in the end you feel like eating real butter and frying pancakes in bacon grease, then by all means give it a try.

My mother has been telling all of her children that processed foods and 'health' foods are the ruination of our society and the cause of people becoming overweight.  After reading this book, I will need to tell her she may have been right all along.  I should have listened; I might not be fighting the battle of the bulge myself.

Doctors William D Lassek and Steven J C Gaulin have researched in depth the ins and outs of animal versus vegetable fats, Omega 3's and 6's, and the 'health' food industry in general.  Controversial and surprising answers can be found in their work and words.

I take issue with the anthropological side of this book due to my Christian walk and have questions regarding the comparison of humans to primates but there are many valid and factual truths about weight and the eating habits of Americans found within the pages of this book.  If you would like to be challenged and begin to see health from a different perspective, I suggest you purchase "Why Women Need Fat".

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Though I did receive a small compensation for my time and a free copy of this book, the views and opinions regarding this review are mine alone 

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