Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes Beauty

This past week I joined a group on facebook
Entitled [un]framed
It is a challenge to get outside to
Walk, run, bike or whatever
Just get outside
And then to photograph
The beauty you find during that outside journey

But today I share that
Sometimes Beauty
Is found as you walk INside

After a very long day
I walked into my home and found this

The flowers are beautiful
But the Who and Why behind the flowers
Brought me to my knees in humble gratitude
For they came from a new and young widow
Whom I have never met
But whom I love dearly
Admire Wholly
And have great respect for

This is my [un]framed Beauty!! 


  1. You reach far my friend because you are holding tight to His hand!

  2. gorgeous on both counts... the flowers and the friendship!



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