Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Girlie Needs Advice

This girlie has always considered herself
A rather neat, tidy and organized girl
Everything in my home has a place
And most often all things are in said proper place

That is with one major exception

I cannot for the life of me
Keep my home office clean
My craft table and the left side of my desk
Have become what I lovingly call them
"The Landing Zone"

Whenever something (mostly mail)
Comes into my home without a specific place
It ends up on "The Landing Zone"
And it makes me "NUTS"

It is true that my children already believe I am nuts
So they don't seem to mind much
But truly it does make me nuts
To see all this 'stuff' without homes

What do you do in your home office (or wherever)
That helps to keep the un-housed stuff (mail)
From becoming your nemesis?
Nemesis:   a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent

I sure would love to hear your input :)


  1. I have struggled with this for years. I finally gave in and adopted the advice of organizing gurus -- never touch it twice. I go through the mail and file/throw away/deal with and it's done. However...what's the pile of stuff on the left side of my desk? I'm not at 100% -- ha!

  2. I would find someone who has the gift of decluttering and have them come in to help you bring organization out of chaos.

  3. Afraid I can't help you! No office in my house, just a corner of the den. And it's a landing zone as well. Wish I had more room to spread out, but then again, I'd probably junk it up as well.



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