Sunday, May 31, 2015

There's Always Something To Do and Someone To Love

Hi Friends,

I thought you might be tired of seeing my Pool Wall Reveal
Check it out HERE if you missed it
So, I figured I had better put up a new post

I've been a busy girl since finishing the Wall

Thursday is granddaughter day
This past week we did art work and made pictures

K~Baby happily using scissors

And created a fun picture
Love her sweet face
 K~Bel was focused on glue and strips of paper

She also found the paper punches
And some fun stickers

K~Bug is always looking to create a card

She made this one for her Aunt
But I couldn't post until After the party

Since the pool wall is complete
I decided it was time to attack some of the 
Very Over Grown Weeds
When I saw some sticking up over my 6' gate
I quickly moved to get them down
As to NOT get a 'nasty' gram from my HOA

 Some of those weeds were 7' high
You can see that the 8 pool filter cartridges are still there
Bulk trash gets picked up next week
So everything will be placed on the curb next weekend

The weeds got so bad
I could not even come out my side garage door

Luckily this is the side yard that nobody sees
However, now that we are swimming it needs to be clean

After many hours of hoeing, shoveling, and raking in the 108 degree weather
This side is 90 % complete

And this side is 90 % complete as well
Now I just have to wait for the pile to dry out a bit
And bag it up for next week

Another fun thing I had the pleasure of doing
Was to do a photo shoot of my nieces oldest daughter
She will be 10 in a few days
And loves Softball
So her mom wanted to get a few nice photos
I only took 142 so hopefully she can find a few she likes
Here are just a few I edited last night

She's an amazing young girl
And a great subject to photograph

If you are not following me on FB or Instagram
Then you didn't see this

I found this Super pretty Christmas Quilt
Queen Size
On Clearance at Kohl's
With my regular discount
I walked out of the store with it for only $14.72
Ummm...Yes, I think I will

Well, that's it this weekend for 
Something to do, Someone to Love

May you be blessed this week with
Finding Joy in the Everyday things of Life


  1. you sure have been busy. the girls are adorable.

  2. It looks like it was a great weekend with the grand girls!
    What a job on the weeds! Did you know, that if you put a pre-emergent down in the fall sometime in September, you won't get that many next year. It's usually 100 to 150 dollar to our yard. They guarantee everything except Bermuda grass. Our front yard stays amazing. Our backyard gets a some Bermuda grass, but not as bad as it would be. xoxo Su

  3. Looks like you ave been very busy. Your grands are so delightful in their own little ways, it makes life so special. Have a lovely week. Jo

  4. My goodness Cindy ~ You've been busy working and having fun. You did a great clean up job and have inspired me to do some of my own. At least I don't have HOA to worry about. :-)

    You got a deal on that Christmas quilt, way to go. It was just meant for you.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I always love seeing your K babies. All so sweet. Your nieces oldest daughter is gorgeous. I bet that was fun to take all the photos for her. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Hi Cindy, Your K babies are little darlings and the pics are precious. Looks like so much fun was enjoyed and memories made. Doesn't it feel great when we accomplish big jobs like you did on your side yard? The outcome is so worth it. Your clean up looks great.
    Your niece is precious and you took some great pics of her.
    Love the quilt you found at Kohl's and what a great price. Love it and how special it will look during the holidays.

    Have a great week.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  7. What beautiful darlings. They could be little models for sure.

  8. Your Ks are so cute. I bet it's lots of fun when you all craft together.
    You work so hard on your home. It shows.
    Your niece is a pretty girl.

  9. Oh my goodness Cindy,
    You've been one busy little bee. And it's great that it has not all been just hard work, but also some fun stuff with your granddaughters and niece's daughter. Her pictures look great. Great job. Oh and the pool wall looks great too. Wishing you a great new week.


  10. Grandkids are the BEST! I am attacking weeds, eh? But, oh so wonderful when a person is finished :-)

  11. Your girls are all beautiful and such a joy!!


  12. Your K-babies are little dolls! So precious. So is your niece...what great photos!
    You sure did a lot of work in your yard! It looks terrific! what a load off your mind for summer.
    Now you can enjoy the pool, and not have to think about those tall weeds peeking over the fence.

  13. Cindy, your g-babies are all just darling. They will all grow up to be heart breakers! What a job to do in the heat. You are a much braver soul than I. I wouldn't come away from the AC..It's looking good and ready for swimming. What fun..Happy Tuesday..Judy. Your photos are so wonderful.

  14. You're a good photographer! The pictures of your neice's daughter turned out great. Love the Christmas quilt you found on sale. What a bargain. I love buying things out of season for a song! I had no idea you were living in such a hot climate! How do you stand such high temps? I will never complain about Georgia's hot summers again. LOL! Glad to see you are almost done with your side yard. It's looking good.

  15. Cindy,
    You have been a busy bee, haven't you???
    Such cute kids!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I just posted Part 2 of my Garden...



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