Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last Week In Pictures

Hi Friends

I certainly have no idea where this past week went
I can't believe I didn't blog or even visit much 

So, Instead of trying to come up with something special
I decided to share a few photos of my week

Besides the normal everyday stuff
Like work, house cleaning, laundry, cooking,
Grocery shopping, baby sitting grands and the like

I also got to

Take my son to this place
Yep, it's IKEA

This is one my 'M's really good friends
And I mean 'really' good
Because while at IKEA 
M and I purchased this

It's a loft bed
And after we brought it home
M and his friend put it together while I met some friends for lunch

And guess what
It turned out great
M slept on it last night and didn't even fall out
He Loves having the space underneath it
He has created a fun office/video game play room

While the boys put the bed together
I went downtown and met some long time friends for lunch
They happened to be in town for a conference
I parked on level 5 of the parking garage and walked 
To the convention center

Then I had to walk through the entire center to find them
And once I did we walked a few blocks away for lunch
We walked back to the center
Then I walked to the opposite side again
Back to the parking garage and up to the 5th level

HA HA ... You thought I took the stairs
Mr. Elevator ... I'm here
I honestly thought about walking the stairs
But with the amount of walking I had already done
And as hot as it was at 2PM
The elevator won out

Today I got to go help Celebrate my sister's oldest
Grandchild's 10th birthday
My K~Bug on the left, my sister's "G" on the right
Cousins who totally love hanging out together

My 3 K's and I at the party
I love these 3 so much

 Today I also had to tackle the back yard 
'Lawn' area that has been ignored and is 
Really only a weed patch
Worked out there 2 hours
Bagged up 7 bags of weeds from the past two weekends
And got everything out to the curb for 
The quarterly 'bulk' trash pick up this week

Did all that weeding and yard work
So one of these days
I can enjoy this:


Have a wonderful week
I'm going to try and get by to visit this week
And even blog a bit

Find Joy in Something Simple Today


  1. I have pretty much been unable to get out and enjoy using my camera for about 5 weeks due to sciatica and a knee problem. My friend, Lisa, is a landscaper, and she has been doing my yard. enjoyed your pics of weeks fun.

  2. Hi Cindy, you have a great week and the pics show the fun in everyday life. Love the new bed from Ikea. Great pics of the grands and the cousins. Sounds like a fun luncheon with a walk that burned the calories of the meal!!
    You've certainly got a lot done and the yard clean out is a great accomplishment.
    Have a nice week ahead.
    Be Blessed, CM

  3. Sounds like you had a busy and fun week...except for weeding! I enjoyed your photos.
    Thanks so much for your sweet visit.
    Mary Alice

  4. Oh, I love going to Ikea and haven't been in ages! That bed is so neat. Mercy, I hope you wore comfortable shoes for all that walking you did. I would've chosen the elevator whenever I could too! Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy that pool soon. It looks so inviting.

  5. Sounds like you had a good week!! Love the bed!! And the pics of the Grands!! I adore your wall!!
    Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  6. Oh I bet your son is really going to enjoy his loft bed & new-found space. Don't you just love IKEA? We saw quite a few IKEAs on our European adventure, and most of our hotels had items I was sure were from IKEA.

    After the "sauna-weather" of the last couple of days, I bet you are very glad you had already cleaned up your side yard. OMGosh, it totally felt like Georgia weather outside! I think the bulk trash pickup is such a fantastic idea. We have it every month over here, but we don't have to use it very often.

    I've been meaning to ask, how is the weight-loss going? It certainly sounds like you have lots of energy. I gained 4 lbs. on our trip, which I felt pretty good about considering all the delicious food, beverages, and goodies we had. We did do a lot of walking which helped. I am now within 2 lbs. of what it was before we left. It's just crazy how much harder it is to lose weight as we get older.....argh!

    Your sweet K-bugs always remind me of "The Littles" and how much I miss them!

  7. Your week sounds like mine. Where did it go?



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