Monday, May 25, 2015

Back Yard Wall Reveal

Hi Friends,

Well, It only took my a couple of months
With a full time job and life I only had a few hours a week
To work on the wall

This is what my back yard pool area looked like last summer

Nice, but nothing special

I came to a point last weekend
That I was just done
Even though I didn't feel like 'IT' was done

I may do more work on it next fall
However, for this year
This is where I will be spending most of my free time
This summer

I'll let the photos do the talking

You are ALL welcome to come swim
Or just sit in my little piece of paradise 


  1. Looks great, very inviting! It has been raining here for two weeks, now we are under flood warnings, so it really does look like a little piece of heaven!! Very nice work.

  2. I love the blue in the mural! And the feathery palm fronds were very hard to paint on the concrete, but they came out great! It is so cheerful now. Block walls are so hard to live with when they age, and I love what you did. xoxo I love how the umbrella goes. I loved that feature when I had a pool: a spot for the umbrella in it. xoox Su

  3. looks so tropical and inviting

  4. Hi Cindy. Great job! I pray you enjoy it richly and sitting and mediating with God here. Hugs and love! Vicci Mauldin

  5. Oh Cindy it looks so great. I love it. See you when I get back. Have a great week.

  6. Dear Cindy ~ Your mural has me smiling. You have added distance and a peaceful setting with what you did to this boring concrete block wall. Way to go girl!

    You are going to enjoy this view all summer. :-)

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. What a beautiful difference! You did such a great job!

  8. Hi Cindy, Wow!!!! Your mural is amazing! What a great job you did. Your painting looks so real like you could walk right out into the water.
    You got the colors perfect. What a wonderful view to enjoy in your gorgeous poolside yard. Such a talent and gift you are blessed with.
    Love your pics. This should be in a magazine!
    Blessings for a great week.

  9. Cindy, The wall is so pretty. I love it. Blessings for many great times in the pool. xoxo,Susie

  10. Wow, that is just beautiful. I would think I was in the Bahamas every day. Looks great.

  11. Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing this with us. You did a great job. I know you'll enjoy it this summer.

  12. Oh wow, that looks incredible! What a difference :) Love it!!!

  13. I'm so impressed, Cindy! It looks amazing, and those palms are very realistic-looking. It is a setting that would be easy to add to in cooler weather, if you want to do that. If not, it's great the way it is!

  14. Cindy, the wall turned out wonderfully. I love how you make the palm trees look like they are an extension of the ones on the other side. So pretty and I know how lucky you are to have a pool in the summer where you are!. Great job..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  15. I love your mural! It looks perfect beside the pool. You did a great job. I bet that took a long time to paint. You're lucky to have your own private pool and waterfall. How nice!

  16. Wow Cindy, this is really fabulous! You did an amazing job! I would have no problem hanging out here all summer long. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. OMGOSH, Cindy! THAT is SPECTACULAR. When you said you were painting your pool wall I had no idea it was such an extensive undertaking. You did a phenomenal job! You could hire yourself out to do that sort of thing. (I know =they couldn't pay you enough, right?) lol
    It is a perfect place to relax and you feel like you are at the beach in an enclosed space. WONDERFUL JOB!!!!! xo Diana

  18. This is great~~all the benefits of the beach without leaving home!
    You did a wonderful job on the mural Cindy! What a talent you have, girl!
    Don't be surprised if a seagull crashes into your wall, thinking it's the real
    enjoy your slice of paradise.

  19. Hi there, What a beautiful wall-so very creative. When I was growing up, my parents had a pool and one side of the garage faced it so my sister(an adult at the time)decided to paint it like a circus tent with all sorts of stripes of different colors. It was wild for the time, but we loved it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Cindy, thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. I so enjoyed visiting here again and seeing your wonderful mural. It is amazing.
    Have a great evening and good weekend ahead.
    Blessings, CM

  21. That is so clever - look how you made your awesome pool area a tropical paradise beach!!!! Brilliant - no more plain boring cement, no ma'am!

    Well done, enjoy that pool, it looks heavenly!

  22. Oh, Cindy I love your little bit of paradise. All summer there would be just fine. We have a pool here at our new apt but gotta get to the weight room first:)

  23. Love the painted wall, it makes it so inviting.

  24. Oh my, what a beautiful getaway you have created for yourself right in your backyard! Amazing job with the mural. Now you can sit back and enjoy all your hard work:)Thanks for sharing with us!Hugs,Poppy

  25. Oh wow it looks great and completely changed the ambiance of the area. Now you do have a bit of paradise.


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