Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful For...

Tonight I wanted to share
One special Thankful Moment

My oldest grand daughter is going into Jr High next year
(sigh...where does the time go?)
So, this was her Last Turkey Trot at school

It did my heart good
To spend some fun time with her today
As her school celebrated their 25th Annual Turkey Trot

Here's My K~Bug getting ready to run
I actually ran with her (a little)

I watched and took photos

After the 10 minute run
We ALL got to have fun doing the
'Turkey' Dance :)

My K~But and a couple of her good friends

A Selfie!

On This Thanksgiving Day
I pray you are all safe and surrounded 
By people you love and who love you

You are each a Joy in my life
I am SO thankful for my bloggy friends
Enjoy your Thanksgiving
And eat a bite for me



  1. How wonderful to spend time with your granddaughter

    I dream of having grands to play with one day.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. I have a k bug too and she is in the 6th grade.

  3. I know you are probably taking "pause" with the idea of your granddaughter going into Jr. High. It seems like they go from being a big "little" girl to being one who is often times trying to grow up too fast. I was a teaching assistant in Scottsdale (many years ago) at the Jr. High level. My class were EH kids -- Emotionally Handicapped. It was challenging and made me so aware of some of the things that make this age group "tick." It is such a melting pot with lots of influences, some very good & some not so good. I think it's so important for children in this age group to have a strong feeling of "self-worth" and a strong family connection. I think Miss K-Bug is very lucky to have such a good relationship with her gramma. Good grammar are worth their weight in gold!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was a bit out of practice on cooking the feast, but our Oregon friends seemed to love everything. Now I'd better get busy with Christmas decorating!


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