Monday, November 10, 2014

The Great Shoe Release


I wanted to do a Great Big Shoe Release
But once I started going through them
I just couldn't let them go

Does that mean I'm a shoe hoarder?

I really don't have That many pairs of shoes
Only 2 pair of boots

Just this small coat closet with slippers and
Everyday  shoes
Oh, and my Christmas flats :)

Only a *few* pair of nice heels

And these *junk* 
Wear in the yard shoes

I'm getting rid of these pairs

So, I think I did fairly well
Don't you?

I wear about 3 pair of shoes all year long
3 pair of sandal~flops almost every day
 Even in the winter

Once in a while I will put on a pair of closed toed shoes
(IF I really have too *wink*)

If the truth be known
I'd go barefoot Everyday
However, living in AZ, I'm sure I'd burn the bottom of my feet
Whew...the cement gets Really HOT here in the Summer!!!

Okay, so that's my shoe fetish for this year
Unless, of course, I but a new pair
I'll share that with you :)

I hope you don't freeze in the days ahead
I hear it's supposed to get Really cold in some areas
We are supposed to get down into the 40's next week
But that's just the overnight Low's

Stay Warm !!


  1. I think you did REALLY well! What is it about getting rid of shoes? I hate to part with shoes even if I hardly ever wear them...and don't need them. Yes- indeedy, I think you did a really GOOD job! xo Diana

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I had to smile at this. I have two pair of shoes I wear all the time but I seem to not want to let go of the shoes I have either. I wish I could wear flip flops all year round like you. Those are my fave shoes to wear. We are getting in the freezing temps this week here outside of Chicago. Maybe even some snow. Ughhh! No flip flops or capri's for me anymore. Ughhh! Enjoy that nice AZ sun and warmth. I will be so jealous this winter.

  3. This was a fun post. I think you did a good job weeding out some of them.

    I have about 10 pair of shoes altogether. From junky yard shoes to dressy shoes.

    Like you, I'm really a barefoot girl.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. I'm a barefoot girl! Or flip flops. Although I need to wear shoes with support. I've never worn high heels ... I do like boots. A fun post Cindy!

  5. Hi there, You crack me up Cindy!!! I used to have a lot more too-I had different colored flip flops(cheap ones)to go with a coordinating shirt. Now I have 5 pairs of nice($$)flip flops. I have one pair of tennis shoes, that need to be replaced. I have one pair of knee high boots, one pair of brown clogs, one pair of black snow shoes, and of course my snow boots.
    Many of my shoes I got from a husband of a close friend, when she passed. We wore exactly the same size-width and all. Actually, some of those are 4.5 yrs old and are going to need to be replaced soon. I always hated being pricey shoes but find that they are much better for our feet-so you buy more if you want.
    Loved seeing your shoes.
    Hugs today.

  6. Several years ago, I had 80+ pairs of shoes -- yeah, you read that right! I was in business, and had many pairs of heels -- some being quite high. I loved wearing heels and dressing up for meetings. Sadly, all that fun-footwear has left me with feet that can no longer tolerate the abuse. It was very, very difficult for me to let go of all those beauties, but I gave them to an organization that provided clothing to women who were down on their luck and trying to find jobs. They also got a lot of my dressier business-wear. Knowing that they were going to such a great cause truly made it so much easier. Good for you, Cindy, for a good shoe release!

  7. Joy, I don't want to talk you into anything, but I love shoes and when I retired I got rid of a lot as I didn't think I'd wear them again. Of course, which ones do you think I keep wishing were back?...Happy Thursday..Judy

  8. Wow, you did good, Cindy! I have way too many boots and need to weed out, but it's hard!


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