Saturday, July 5, 2014

LuLu's Miracle

Do you remember when I asked:
Do You Believe God Can Answer Prayer

Here is an Update

On May 27, 2014 Lulu Martinez entered the hospital for another round of chemo
The family knew this would be a tough round
But they had no idea of the fight they would be in for

As Lulu received her chemo her numbers began to drop
This is typical for anyone going through chemo
Unfortunately for Lulu during this time of being
Totally immune suppressed
She got strep, high fevers and pneumonia

Doctor's did everything known to the medical world
With antibiotics and other treatments to help Lulu recover from these infections
Lulu did not respond and in fact got worse

Between June 15 and 16
Sweet Lulu was sedated and placed on a ventilator
In the days following Lulu got worse
She was on Full life support with absolutely No response

On June 18th Lulu crashed but was revived
Lulu's life was truly and fully in God's hands

For 18 days, hundreds, probably thousands of people
Most of whom have never met Lulu
Prayed, night and day
Prayed and believed for Lulu to wake up, move, respond

I am SO SO SO Grateful to post these words from Lulu's mom

July 3
Lulu Ysarua Martinez is off ventilator, talking to me and breathing on her own
July 5
Lulu Ysarua Martinez is being called a miracle. ..her strength has doctors in awe....we had doctors come meet us because they wanted to meet our girl...sisters are here talking her ear off...she is weak but determined to get home. ..laughter and love from the icu #lulustrong

I am in tears at God's Answered Prayer

Prayers are NOT always answered in this way
Sometimes the answers don't end up like this story
Today, I am so grateful for another amazing testimony
That I have the Privilege and Honor of sharing  


Let's keep praying for Precious Lulu
She still has a journey ahead of her


  1. It means God must have a direction for her. I am happy to hear this news.

  2. Is this a young girl? Yes, God's way are not our ways, but he does have a plan and pray right now in the name of Jesus for Lulu's healing and thankful for a miracle.

  3. What an incredible miracle! I'm so happy to hear this :)

  4. lulu is a miracle god works in special ways and he answer our prayers .my thoughts and prayers r with u all


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