Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bragging On God

There are just some days when you need to brag on God
Today is one of those days

On Sunday afternoon, after spending the day with my mom,
I pulled into my garage and noticed an odd smell
It smelled like something was burning

I got out of my car and walked around it
The odor was very strong
Although I did not see any sign of smoke

It honestly smelled like burning rubber
Or possibly burning brakes

I opened the garage side door to let the garage air out
In hopes that the odor would dissipate and
I could possibly narrow the 'area' 
Where the odor was strongest

All through the night I kept checking the garage 
The odor did not go away

Monday morning the odor was still very strong

I called to make an appointment to have my car checked
But can't take it in until Wednesday

I was quite anxious about driving it 
However there did not seem to be any warning lights on or 
Any specific odor coming from the car

I did not notice the odor when I got to work
However when I got home Monday night
There it was again
 No smoke, no signs of fire
But a Definite smell of something burning

Doing the dishes Monday night - Cold water - No hot
Hmmm...Matthew must have taken a Very hot shower

Shower Tuesday morning - COLD water!!!
 Hmmm...water heater gone a wry??

To shorten the story:

I purchased a new water heater today
It seems the Elements inside the nearly 15 year old water heater
Were Burning for 2 days!!!!!

Thank you GOD for Your protection over my home and family
Thank you GOD for allowing this to happen before vacation
Thank you GOD for teaching me to always have an
Emergency Fund
Thank you GOD
I could pay cash for the purchase And Installation

Having a water heater burning for 2 days
In my garage
NOT a Good Thing

Bragging on GOD
For He is Always Good
It's A Good Thing :)

Happy Tuesday Night
You can brag on God in the comments
I'd love to hear


  1. what a wonderful blessing.. God is indeed good and his provision and protection upon us is amazing especially when I hear stories like yours...Thank you Lord.. Have a great day.. Blessings!

  2. Most definitely bragging on God and His protection over you. He is true to His word!

  3. Our God is awesome in everything He does.

    Your story is proof of His tender loving care, especially for widows.

    I'm sitting here smiling and thankful to Him for taking care of you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Our next door neighbors used to use an electric blanket. One Sunday morning, they were awakened by a wrong number. When Judy got back in bed, she noticed a flicker in the brass knobs on the built in cabinets across from the end of the bed. She got back up to see what it was and the foot of the bed was on fire. If the person had not called to wake them up, they would have died from smoke inhalation in their sleep. And, since our houses are only 6 feet apart, our house would probably burned also. God was definitely doing his work.

    Glad you are okay and the problem is solved.


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