Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CA Road Trip {Part 2}

Just sharing a few more photos taken
During our 10 day road trip to California

You'd think I had never been there before
Such a tourist :)

I was raised in SoCal and lived in NE Cal until I was 36
But I certainly did the 'tourist' thing while we were there :)

Loved letting the water and sand roll over my feet

These little guys had Lots to say :)

One of my Favorite photos

Loved the beautiful white sand

I can Finally say
I've been to Pebble Beach and walked on the 18th green :)

Cute little town with Lots of great antique shops

Found several sand dollars at Morro Bay

Matthew was SO excited when he found his first one

Little country road I enjoyed driving down

Because we saw 2 young bucks while driving 

Super enjoyable and restful trip
So thankful for God's provision, protection and Love
Truly hope to do another trip next year
Maybe a motor home to Mt Rushmore 
What do you think???

This fluffy woman NEEDS
To go on a Huge Diet!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time
Blessings to all


  1. Road trips are always fun. Finding sand dollars is not usual so that was so cool!

  2. You two definitely had fun and how neat to find sand dollars.


  3. Just wandering around this beautiful feels-like-Fall morning, and wanted to say how much I enjoy your adventures. You've got all the perfect parts of a Road Trip---wonderful places to go and see, a perfect Traveling companion, and such lovely memories to take home.

    ANY trip that I can cake home the sound of the Sea in my ears and heart---that's for me.

    So glad you've been enjoying this glorious Summer!


  4. Cindy, how fun! It looks beautiful and you got lots of great pics! :)

  5. I love all your photo's; so glad the trip went well and you both enjoyed it! :)

  6. Cindy, You know I am a Ca. girl(cause if you are born there, you can always sing the song) and until I was 57 lived there. I have to ask if the quaint town is near Carmel? Trying to recognize all your stops. So glad you had fun; we also may be going to Mt. Rushmoor in Sept. If not, I'm pushing to go to Maine.
    Have a great night and thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. What a wonderful trip, sounds fun. Thank you for your kinds words about my gardens. Have a wonderful weekend. Alaina


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