Monday, July 28, 2014

California Road Trip 2014

I choose to Never announce that I will be out of town 
On my blog before I leave
Maybe it's a little fear, maybe a little smart
But I took my youngest son
And went on a 10 day road trip to California

10 Days
2012 Miles
A Little Family Time
A LOT of Beach Time
A Ton of Fun and Sun
Relax, Drive, Relax

Loved Every Minute
Here are just a few of the 320 photos I took

I decided that each day
We would take a photo of where we were
Or where we were going
Day 1
California Here We Come :)

No matter where we were
I was Always on the hunt
For a Fun Antique store to walk through

This boy LOVES horses
I think he'd keep one in his room
If I'd let him

Twins Lakes California

Stayed a couple days with Grandma (Mark's Mom)
And his sister and BIL

We also spent one night with
My oldest son's birth sister (who found us 8 years ago)
They have truly become family and we Love them SO much

I can Finally say I've been to Bodega Bay
Where they made the movie 'The Birds'

San Francisco - Alcatraz in the background

We got to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge
A bit creepy because you can feel it move
But we forged on

Another stop was in San Jose
Winchester Mystery House
A fun Tourist stop

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Before you fall asleep
I'll stop here and share a few more photos
Over the next few days

I will end by saying this:
I have not taken a 'real' vacation in over 24 years
This was a time very much needed
And Way overdue

I'll never let that happen again
It was Fabulous!!!!


  1. What fun! I love your idea of using the frame to mark the days. Looks like you and your son made some good memories.


  2. I have been to the Winchester Mystery House a few times and always enjoy it. Such a cool place and I would love to take the stained glass windows off their hands! SO PRETTY!
    Hearst castle is another great place.
    And the town of Arcata (not Arcadia) spelled just the way I did it. It's in N. calif. They have a driving and walking tour of the amazing historical homes, and they have living history all around.

  3. I'm so glad you and your son had a wonderful time! We all really should try and do things like that & make such special memories. :)


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