Thursday, January 9, 2014

What I've been doing

This week has been busy
I've worked some extra long days
I've been helping a friend
Prepare for her daughters
Wedding Shower

I can't wait until Saturday
To see how it all turns out
But mostly to share in the joy
Of a beautiful union

The couple has chosen a 
'Covenant Marriage'
Which just thrills my heart

I hope to share some photos next week
I sure can't spoil any secrets with
Advanced photos tonight
(she might be reading)

My 2 littlest K's came to play
Here they are having a little picnic in the backyard

For most of the country it is just too cold to get outside
But for those of us who live in Arizona
This is the time we can go outside
Summer and temps above 115 as soon to follow

I pray everybody is staying warm 
And protected from the snow and freezing temps
It sounds as though you will all be seeing a break 
From the cold weather in the days ahead :)

What did you do today?
Where you inside staying warm
Did you have to brave the elements for work
How have you stayed warm in these freezing temps
Share your week with us



  1. Dear Cindy, I love that you are helping your friend with the bridal shower. I love Covenant Marriages!
    We used to cross country ski and then began snowshoeing and it is even easier. Thanks for your encouragement! I will look forward to your photos; a bit green hearing about your warm weather.

  2. Planning a bridal shower is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Can't wait to see photos.

    Your two littlest K's are adorable!

    I stayed home since today was damp. I accomplished some things I have put off and got in some exercise too.



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