Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finding The Joy

I began my day with this status update:

Today: As you head off to work or play or errands or whatever it is that you have planned, LOOK for the joy in the everyday! I'll be back tonight to share what I found! How about YOU??

Guess what happened?
Yep, you know it!
The enemy attacked me ALL day long.....

Doesn't it make you frustrated when you set out to 
Truly have and enjoy 
The day that God has created
And you find the enemy tries to steal it away

It seems from the moment I set foot outside
I was attacked
Oh, he's sly, it's just little pokes and prods all day long
Nothing big or worth worrying about
Just little innuendos throughout the day

You know the kind
Yep, you did that wrong
You didn't do this right
She really doesn't like you
You're not on the 'friend' list
You are fat
You are unworthy
You are dumb
See, you work hard and it's not rewarded
They don't care about you
They just want you to 'do' stuff
You are just a worker 
You are NOT a friend

Jab, jab, jab
With nothing but lies from the enemy
It distracts you from your intended focus
Finding the JOY in the day

So was my day

Yet, tonight
I can say

I'm grateful for this day
I have a great job
Many items were processed and completed today

I have a nice little home 
That is paid off
My vehicle runs well and gets me where I need to go
My cupboards have food in them
The refrigerator in NOT empty

The mail came today
And with it came bills
That helps me remember I am alive (wink)

This little old laptop works just fine
My feet are covered with a blanket and are nice and warm

I may not be anybody's best friend
But my son's doggie loves me 
I mean, what could be better (haha)

So tonight
I find joy
In living
In breathing
In the mundane
In just being

Tomorrow is a new day
With new goals, hopes, dreams and intentions
I rest in HIS LOVE
For there is Nothing Greater


  1. Like you, I'm wrapped up warm tonight and grateful for the home I share with my family. Now, I'll be your friend! If I was there, we'd have already gone out to dinner or at least a latte.

    Rest in the arms of Jesus tonight.


  2. Maybe your status post this morning is what helped you get through the day. If you did not have that challenge you may have reacted differently. Good attitude. I would have to say my "joy" today was in accepting some things as they are and not daydreaming for more.

  3. Great post Cindy. It is days full of barbs that help make us who we are. We get our strength from Jesus, and He works all things out. We works through our weaknesses. I had a meltdown the other day, but have much to be thankful for in spite of that.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Sounds like you handled your day very well, Cindy. I think "positive affirmations" are the key -- starting the day with a great attitude truly helps wrangle the everyday stuff.

    My joy yesterday came when a very dear friend called with a positive update on his wife (also a very dear friend). She was awake & alert from the coma she had been in for almost two weeks and the vent had been removed. So much joy over this!


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