Sunday, January 26, 2014

It Worked - Sort Of

48 hours ago my home office
Looked like a mini tornado had gone through it

Here we are at the end of the weekend
And I believe I have accomplished what I set out to

My office is Clean and Neat
Not fully decorated

Mrs Beasley has her bench back
I do need to decorate this empty wall but 
At least it is a blank slate

I LOVE my dresser
I purchased it many years ago (paid too much for it)
But it is a great place to store craft supplies
And a wonderful place to work
It is the perfect height for me to stand
And create projects
(I'm good at creating, just not finishing a project)
(I found 5 unfinished projects while cleaning)

Above the dresser are a couple of my boys
Award winning art projects from their school days
Ribbons and all

This is the upper part of the right cabinet
I do have the lower shelf as my office area
The rest is pretties and craft supplies

The upper part of the left cabinet 
Is where I keep more craft supplies
And some of my favorite journals

I still have some work to do in this area
It feels rather barren
The green sewing cabinet is a find my son owned
He taught himself how to sew on this vintage machine
When they moved to a smaller place
He gave it to me - I love it

This is my closet
I purchased the block shelving at IKEA several years ago
I store my scrap-booking supplies here
My finished books, blank papers
And many other things are neatly put away
Someday I'll do a scrap-booking organizational post

I also keep my file cabinet in there
As well as my vintage CD player
And all of my picture boxes

I have added a shower curtain that I can pull closed
If I have guests over

I love to use boxes to store things
I found this one pre-decorated at
A scrapbook store when they were closing

This one shelf is where I keep all of my daily office stuff
Check books, calendar, pens, stamps, clips, etc

Here's another box I found at a yard sale
It was $2 and I added a coat of red paint
Perfect for small note pads and 
All of my 4x6 MatStacks
And of course my cute little chicken guy

These glass jars have come in handy
For buttons, threads, wires and ribbons

I wasn't quite sure how to use this basket
But it fit perfectly on one of the shelves
And tipping it on it's side
Made a great place to put a few of my 
Favorite journals

So, this is my home office work space
And I'm one happy lady tonight
I'm tired
A bit sore
A major migraine
And a few projects to complete decorating the space
But I'm Pleased with having it clean

If you have any tips for adding some 'flare'
I'd sure accept them 

Thanks for the words of encouragement
You all kept me 'in' the project
I'm SO glad I took the risk to openly admit my 
Procrastination problem
It has paid off



  1. It looks sooooo good! Don't worry about the "blank" spaces - they will fill in soon enough!

  2. You did alot in 48 hours. The craft stores 12x12 frames that you can slip your scrapbook pages into. Hang on the wall and change the page monthly or seasonally. Use your own art on the walls.

  3. Wow, you did a fantastic job! Everything is so neat and orderly, not so with my creative office space. :-) I clean it up and it becomes another disaster area in no time at all.

    Hope you soon feel better. Filling in blank wall spaces will happen, probably faster than you think.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. What a great job, Cindy! I'm envious! I'm afraid a "before" picture of my attic/office will chase away even the most organized of organizers. lol You are awesome!

  5. Looks great, Cindy! You did an awesome job! An easy way to make a huge impact would be to change out the curtains. You wouldn't even need to change the rod, and between Target, Walmart, Ross or Marshalls, you should be able to find something that is fun and has some flair. Or, if you sew, a whole new world of possibilities opens up! Have fun decorating!

  6. You are good - it took me 10 days to get my creative space organized.

    Like you, I used metal baskets and glass jars.


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