Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Mail

Hi Friends

I always get so excited when I receive some special
Treat in the mail even if I purchased it for myself

My love language is Gifts
Sometimes that makes me feels selfish
However, at the same time
I love to Give Gifts away all the time

Have you heard of Lisa Leonard Designs
Well, I've seen several blog friends 
Who have purchased some of her beautiful creations
Yet, I've never purchased anything for myself
Until Now

When I recently saw that she had created 
A Key
For our 2014 Word of the Year
I was a quick taker (purchaser)
I think I have a little crush on her (stuff)

This is the piece I received 
My Happy Mail
I am Absolutely In Love
The key is the perfect size and hangs on a great chain
With a cute little pearl
I know I will enjoy wearing it everyday
And being reminded of my Word for 2014
Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical

What is even More exciting
Is that it looks great 
With my Embrace The Moment necklace
That I purchased last year
As a helpful reminder to Live in Today
It is about the same size 
And also has a cute little pearl

This one helps me to embrace where God has me today
Allow my Faith and Trust in God to grow 
While He worries about tomorrow
I Embrace Today

What are you embracing today
What life circumstance has been weighing heavy on your heart
What has been the 'thing' you are yet to let go of
And truly begun to embrace the good in

For me, it's widowhood
I am learning to "Embrace Widowhood"
And Finding Joy in the Journey

How about you
Let's encourage each other
By sharing something we are 
Learning to Embrace   


  1. Very sweet and it is wonderful that it makes you feel happy. Thanks for the link.

    ** I am learning to "Embrace Widowhood"
    And Finding Joy in the Journey**

    Me too!

    Have a lovely day Cindy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh, what a sweet, sweet post! I do love Lisa's work and she's just a sweetheart of a gal.

    I did not realize you were a widow. Blessings to you! The husband to dear friends of ours died this past July very suddenly with a massive heart attack. His widow is having such a time but is making progress. It's never easy, sudden or otherwise, but she had no idea whatsoever and it appeared that he was as healthy as healthy could be. We just never know.

    Happy day to you my friend!

  3. Love both necklaces! And your word focus - health- crosses all areas of life. Thank you for your encouragement tonight. I am working at keep my mind fixed on Jesus, and there is great peace in my heart despite loss.


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