Friday, January 24, 2014

Procrastination Buster

Procrastination is one of my pet peeves
When I say I am going to do something
I do it in a timely and organized way

It bugs me to let things go 
When I can get them done now or today

I LOVE crossing things off of my 'to do' list
And seeing that accomplishments have been made
I love Progress

I have found in my 'embracing widowhood' season
I have become an at home procrastinator
I keep telling myself I need to get something done
And then come the end of the weekend
The project has yet to be addressed

SO, with humility and some embarrassment
I have learned the art of 
Procrastination Busting!!!

Are you ready???

Post photos of the untouched, unfinished, project
Post a date, deadline or timeline to complete the project
To the World

Below you will see photos of my home office
I'm ashamed to show them
Because I DISLIKE immensely
The condition of said office

However, if I don't set a timeline to get this place cleaned up
It seems I will never even begin to start
Close your eyes or turn your head
If you have a weak stomach
Because below are photos of the shameful mess I need to tackle

I pray that by Sunday evening
January 26, 2014
You will never see photos like these again!!

I'M Going IN..........


  1. Oh, Cindy, I hope you have been successful with your "office cleanout" and that you are enjoying knowing "it is done." Often just getting started is the hardest part.

    I cannot imagine all the adjustments that must be made with widowhood. I'm watching a dear, dear friend go through this right now. Her husband died of a massive heart attack last July and she continues to struggle to even believe it is real. She is making progress and she has so, so many things that have to be done and she is procrastinating big time. I think she is because it is just one more sign that it really is the way the is. It has been so sad to watch her through this but thankfully she is a strong Christian and knows that HE is going to see her through and be with her all the rest of her days.

    Blessings abundant to you Cindy!

  2. I wonder if I should post my pictures. Will a good dose of shame move me beyond my shell-shocked move to South Carolina and the mess I call my office? Or should I just try to clean off the top of my desk. haha. Really, though, Cindy, you did a fantastic job!!!


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