Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well, It may not be the best photo
This was taken just moments after
The Best News

Does NOT have Cancer
She has Valley Fever

Although some might think that 
Valley Fever is bad news
To this family
It is GREAT News
Here's the update
Doctors have finally and definitively
Diagnosed mom with Valley Fever
The lesion in her lung is positive
It is possible that the lesion 
In her brain stem is also positive
However, they have never been able to
Get a firm diagnosis

Mom will begin taking anti-fungal
Medications for 3 months
She will have a follow up CT 
And blood work done after that time
Most likely she will take the meds
For 6-12 months 
But we will take that
Given the alternative

On this 6th day of Thankfulness Month

is my JOY #6


  1. That is wonderful new Cindy....Praise the Lord. I like your attitude that even though your mum doesn't have cancer, but does have a bad medical condition, you are joyful and praising the Lord. Many of us would be discouraged because there was still something wrong.

  2. That is great news that your Mom does not have cancer and I pray the meds to clear this Valley Fever up will do the trick. Not being cancer must be such a relief.

    Love and hugs and God's blessings on all of you ~ FlowerLady


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