Saturday, November 16, 2013

JOY #16 Helpers

It was Such a Blessing 
To have my brother and my oldest son
Come to the house and help clean up some 'treasures'

The guys loaded two trucks full of those treasures
One we took to the dump
The second my oldest is taking to the
Scrap Metal business next to his work

Speaking of his work
When we went to the dump
He thought it would be nice to take us to his work
Which is just down the road from said work site

I was Totally Not dressed for photos
(Please disregard my 'style')
Yet, it was fun to climb on this chipper machine thingy
Thanks for the tour of your playground kiddo

Thank you to both of you for cleaning up the side yard
So nicely :)
This momma is Happy 

MY JOY #16

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  1. Wow, this makes me feel better, that I'm not the only one with 'treasures' that need to go to both places. I hope to get mine taken care of this fall/winter while the weather is cooler.

    One of the last things my husband and I discussed was my getting rid of the junk after he was gone. I've made some forward progress, but there's still more to be done.

    You've inspired me and it's great that you had help to do this. I will too.

    What a great piece of machinery. A monster.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady


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