Monday, November 4, 2013

JOY #4 Blessings Unknown

As I think about the things I am thankful for
During this month of Thanksgiving
I am reminded about the blessings unknown

What do I mean?

Well, in recent weeks I have had numerous things
Happen that have caused me to ask God - WHY?
Not necessarily why me but just Why?

I wonder why the refrigerator is broken
Why the ceiling collapsed in the garage
Why do I need to put new tires on my car
Why are there so many huge expenses I am facing
Why have I needed to go through so many medical tests
Why is my mom struggling so much with health issues
How am I going to afford new flooring in the bedroom since the carpet is now gone
Why do I feel the timing for my long awaited and desperately needed trip is so bad

The list goes on and on
Yet, in the midst of so many questions
The Lord has spoken to my heart 

I wonder how many times He has blessed my life because of the No's
How many times have I had my life spared 
Because I hit all the red lights on my way to an appointment
I'm awed because many times God uses the 'trials'
In my life to protect me from something much more complicated or serious

Are you following my drift?

I am SO grateful for all of the 
Blessings God has bestowed into my life
All the while I didn't even know it

I wonder how many times God has protected my home
And family from a burglar
Recently a neighbor's home was burglarized
Could it have been mine
Did God protect us from harm that night

I wonder about the night my next door neighbor's house caught fire
Had God sent that stranger down our street to spot the fire
Just to protect our home

When I get that unsettled feeling in my gut
That tells me to do something other than what I have planned
How often is that God's blessing unknown

Maybe the timing for my trip is bad
Maybe the influx of break downs around my home
Is the protection I need to keep me from taking a trip
That is not in God's perfect plan or timing

So, Tonight
I am Thankful for the Blessings Unknown
The times when God protects and provides
Unbeknownst to me

JOY #4 
Blessings Unknown


  1. If we could see all the ways we have been protected, we would be amazed I am sure. So many things going on behind the scenes of our lives.

    God does work all things out.

    Have a good week, mentally, spiritually and physically.



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