Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday #2

I have not photo to share with you tonight!
It's been a busy week and I just ran out of time.

It is also true that my weight did not go down this past week.
Yet, I made some healthier choices and feel good about them.

Thank you for your great comments and encouraging words to my last WLW post.
How would you like to join me?

I am looking into adding Mr. Linky or one of those link up thingies.
What are your thoughts?

Would you link up and share your story?
How about recipes and health tips?

As I am being encouraged to get healthy
I would love to be an encouragement to many of you.

Please leave comments and let me know.
I sure would Love for you to journey with me.

One thing I did do this past week was to visit my PCP.
I have my labs done and just got the results back yesterday.

As they are not sitting in front of me I may not remember much
However, I do know that my:
Cholesterol was high, but not as high as it has been in the past (228 this week)
Glucose was high and I am still pre-diabetic
Vitamin D was quite low (16) should be more than 30

I'll be making more changes to my (poor) eating habits in the weeks ahead
And praying that in 3 months, when we retest, I will see some marked improvements in my numbers

I still need to make that appointment for my mammo ~~~
Ok ~ Ok ~ I'll do it soon!!!

So, that's my WLW update!
Please join me in becoming a healthy partner in life!!

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  1. Stay the course, Cindy. Even on those weeks when the scale does not accurately reflect the changes being made in your diet and your thoughts. Stay the course. You are doing great!


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