Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Ready

I remember as a young girl
Preparing the night before the first day of school
It was so much fun to lie out
All of my new clothes and to
Decide what I would wear that first day

Everybody in the house would have their little spot
Where their 'new' outfit would await the morning light
We would rise early and
(sharing 1 bathroom between the 5 of us)
(eventually 6 of us)
We would take turns washing up, brushing teeth and hair
And then putting on our new clothes
What an exciting time it was

In some respects I continue to do the same thing
However, it's not to prepare for the first day of school
Or even the first day of work
Now days it's usually to prepare
For a special time to be spent before the Lord

Not the regular day in and day out kind of time before the Lord
But the It's time to set aside some
First day of school time before the Lord

Tuesday will be 16 months since my Mark went to Live with the Lord
I'm kind of jealous you might say
The first year without him was (let's just say) AWFUL
But the depth of grief I felt has subsided
And there are days of joy and
The ability to smile at the memories

Yet, 4 months into this second year
Has its own set of challenges
Mostly, trying to figure out who I am
And what I want to do when I grow up :)

So, I have come to this place
Of preparing
Of getting ready
Of laying out the 'tools'
For the first day of
A Special Time before the Lord

There are Praises to be Offered
Thanksgivings to be Raised
Prayers to be Asked
And answers to Seek

Looking forward to.........


  1. Beautiful! I have a friend who is only seven months into her journey without her beloved. She, too, struggles. I am going to send her a link to your blog.

  2. I'm excited for you at this stage of your journey! I'm sort of doing the same thing...trying to figure out who I am now that I'm not so defined as "mom" with the empty nest looming.


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