Monday, April 23, 2012



I am sharing some of my favorite
Pinterest Pins

Between my sister and I
We have 7 girlie granddaughters
So I'm sure you understand why
I just love these for birthdays

mickey and minnie cupcakes!!!

Minnie Mouse Cake!

minnie mouse cupcakes

Because RED is my favorite color
Why I love these
Are these just not the cutest little red shoes....


Too Cute

Below are a few things that
Just make me giggle out loud

Think about it Girls

Too Cute
One of my Absolute Favorites :)

Below are a few things that just say

Relaxing with a friend...

So Cute

This is how I always pictured my marriage :( Makes me so sad he's gone!!

I always wished my hubby and I
Would make it to this age
So Precious

Ok, so those are just a few of my favorites
Now you know a little more about me

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