Monday, April 2, 2012

Still Makes Me Smile

Little by little
I have been going through my husband's garage
Which is now my garage
Filled with his treasures

Although Mr. Hubby didn't have lots of stuff
I am finding he really did
He was a closet (garage) hoarder :)

This afternoon I began the process of going through
Each little drawer of his wall mounted bin holder
It's time for me to make sense of
And re-organize so I know exactly where everything is

I cannot express the Smile that came across my face
And my heart when I opened one little drawer
Because to my surprise

Hidden inside I found these
The two coat hooks that hung in our children's bedroom
When they were just tiny boys

My Mr. Hubby had kept them in his treasure drawer
All These Years
And that is where they will remain

I Love That Man


  1. Cindy,

    What a sweet find for you! I hope you find more treasures that warm your heart and stir your memories of your Mark.



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