Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do Weeds Speak?

During the past week
I have chosen not to blog much
I didn't even share my
Weight Loss Wednesday
I have been seeking the Lord
For answers regarding a difficult decision I needed to make

This morning I decided to get outside
And tackle the above mess
No matter how hard I work around my house
There is Always another job to be worked out

Since this side yard is not a place I frequent
I didn't realize how tall the weeds had become
As I began to dig, whack and pull
The Lord began to gently speak to my heart

Sometimes you have to dig, whack and pull
The weeds that clutter the beauty of your life
But sometimes you have to turn your back on
and walk away from the clutter that hides the beauty of your life

During the past several months
I have been digging, whacking and pulling at weeds
Which have been cluttering my life
Facing them head on
Digging up the root causes
Whacking at the stubbornness
And pulling what is left

I have been released to turn my back
And walk away from all that has held me captive
All that has hidden the beauty of God's creation
And all that has cluttered my thinking

I didn't make my decision
I committed to the decision
God made for me several weeks ago
God is stronger than my weakness
God is more powerful than my fear
God reigns mighty over weeds

The weeds are gone
And God is Glorified in the Peace
He has filled my heart with

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