Thursday, February 23, 2012

'The Rules of Inheritance' A Review

How timely that this book should arrive for review at the end of the first year following my husband's passing.

Claire Bidwell Smith writes this memoir with the honesty I wish we all could live.
Her willingness to share her heart and life following the deaths of her mother and eventually her father, made me root for her as I read.

'The Rules of Inheritance' is not what I imagined it would be.  Claire allows us to enter her life in segments ranging from 14 - 32 years of age.  Each chapter opens a fresh understanding of her journey through grief and life.  I have lost a parent and understand the depths of grief but I have also lost a spouse and could relate so well with Claire as she recalls her struggles and challenges following her losses.

Though there is no clear path to grieving, it seems there are 5 typical 'segments' to grief.  Therefore, Claire has taken those segments and creatively weaved her journey therein.  This is not a chronological account, but a true reflection of the waves of grief that most suffer after a deep loss.

   I could not relate to Claire's choices during those tumultuous years but I could glean from her story the depth of her loss.  After searching in many unfulfilling directions, Claire has taken what were the voids in her life and now uses them to help other's who are walking a similar path.  In that it seems, Claire has found true happiness and balance in her life.

**One note of concern, especially for the younger or more conservative reader, Claire has no hesitation in using a four letter word freely in her writing.  I cringed as I read it each time and it did prohibit me from truly loving the book.

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Though I did received a small compensation and a copy of the book, all opinions written above are strictly mine. 

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book.

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