Sunday, February 12, 2012



Is Anybody There

It has been a while since I have blogged

I really didn't mean to take a break

But Pneumonia just kicked my ... well, you know

I had hoped to do a fun 400th post

But I just haven't been in the bloggy mood

Tired as I've ever been

A little sad

I had all the kiddos and grands here today

For a bit of a Valentine get together

WOW...Did I miss My Mark

I've held back tears all day

I talked to his mom tonight

That is always hard

I think we both attempt to avoid his name

In fear that the tears won't stop


This is my 400th Post

I can't believe it!

I pray the next 400 bring with them

More Joy Filled Moments to Share

And Many More Bloggy Friends

To Get To Know

Here are two shots I took today

Totally unedited

 This is my K~Bug
This is my K~Bel

Our next little K~

Will be joining us in about 8-10 weeks

Oh, I just can't wait to share her with you

Considering 400 posts with Joy!!


  1. I think you need to mention your husbands name, tears or no tears. My husband parents both died young, so I didn't have them to talk to. But all my friends and family never mentioned my husbands name after he died, I would get so frustrated and mad. Everyone acted act as if life was the same as usual. If I went to any king of family event, I had to be the one to start talking and I would take pictures with me, too.

  2. Congratulations of 400!!!

    Never stop mentioning Mark's name . . . think of him daily . . . talk to him . . .

  3. I'm with Teri and not stop calling Mark's name. He is part of your life and always will be. I know it must be so difficult, but tears are ok.

    So sorry you have been sick. UGH! Hope you feel better soon.

    Congrats on 400!!


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