Sunday, February 26, 2012

The First Piece

So many people whom I have met
During this grief journey
Have expressed their need to have "A Place"

A Place to go
To grieve
To cry
To pray
To talk to their loved one
Many choose the site of an unexpected death
But most choose a cemetery plot or the like

My Mark chose cremation
He was adamant about not spending money
On a cemetery 'place'

The mortuary we chose kindly split Mark's remains
Of which 1/2 of them we took to his mom last July
He has a beautiful resting place in Bridgeport
Where he was born and raised
And where his mom can watch over him

I have not yet decided what to do with the remains I have
Although I have recently felt the need to have "A Place"

Since Mark passed away at home 
And we didn't use a cemetery
I have decided to create a 'memorial garden'
In my back yard

It will become "My Place"
To go
To grieve
To cry
To pray
To talk to my Mark

I do not yet have all the plans made
But I have added the first piece to the garden

Father's Day 1996
My boys made the above pictured garden stone
For my Mark
They were so much younger
14 and 10
But it has been a piece we have kept for all these years

As I cleaned the yard yesterday
It found its new home
And it will be the welcoming piece to what will eventually be
Mark's Memorial Garden
And 'My Place'

Prayerfully Considering How God Will Put It Together,


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