Monday, September 19, 2011

Where There Is A Glimpse

With the passing of time
She sets foot outside the doors
Only to find death surrounding her
 She wonders if life will ever hold meaning again
Or if her broken heart can ever be repaired
There are just some things which cannot be fixed
Sometimes it is too late for hope to be restored
Walking through the yard
Though searching with all of her strength
There are no signs of life to be found 
 Lawn, trees, & plants
Have all been left to die in the summer's heat
Without water or care they cannot survive
Perhaps it is time to 'dig' up and walk away
Yet with one more turn
Something catches her eye, a glimpse
There in the center
Just a small bit
Yes, can you see it
Somehow there is life in the midst of death
And upon further inspection
She finds one more glimpse
Of what lies ahead
In the midst of death
She finds life, beautiful life
Bathed in sunshine and light
With the passing of time
God is returning what the enemy stole
Hope for a new tomorrow

Considering Life Again,

PS: Yes, unfortunately all of these photos were taken in my yard on 09/17/2011
There is MUCH work to do
But at least there is hope


  1. I am so proud of you and am continuing to pray for you. I also like the new hairdo!

  2. I'm also continuing to pray for you, Cindy. I enjoyed this post as well as the previous ones as I spent time catching up.


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