Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I can't believe she posted that...

Honesty is the Best Policy
Truth is Hard to Process
Reality is Sometimes Ugly

 Though the outside may seem perfect
The inside is falling apart
 The heart is broken
The center lost
The peace is gone
The joy buried
Along with a life once lived to its fullest
 Can you see it there
Amidst the stacks and piles
Pain, grief, loneliness
 Inability to function
Unable to process
 The loss so great
Even the smallest of tasks
Left undone
 Disillusionment and Disappointment
Cover her like
A fog rolling across the oceans
Hope fades
Emptiness prevails
Honesty is the Best Policy
Truth is Hard to Process
Reality is Sometimes Ugly


  1. Sweet friend,

    When my sweetie is in the middle of a project, the garage is a wreck. Saw dust covers everything, extension cords trip us, scraps of wood and tools lay in wait for usefulness.

    Cliff saws and sands and sweats (and sometimes bleeds). the midst of the mess comes a masterpiece.

    I know things are a mess in your heart right now, Cindy, but Your maker is going to use the mess to finish the perfect work He started in you. He will not stop until you are healed and whole. Be gentle with yourself. Love you!

  2. Realizing that the heart as misplaced is the first sign of God calling us to truth. Sometimes we can't see the comfort of God, until we acknoweldge His voice.

    Thank you for the visit and I'm sorry to read the loss of your husband. I'll be walking with you too!

    In His Gace~Tammy

  3. Cindy,

    You are a treasure. You are the apple of your Father's eye. You are loved! He is doing great things in you even if it's hard or impossible to see right now.

    Love you bunches!


  4. You are so open and honest and because of that you are free to truly soak in who He is...thank you for this!

  5. You have been through so much, my dear friend. It's OK to be out of sorts. You need this time. I'm praying for you to feel His arms around you....



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