Friday, September 2, 2011

I've Got Another Case of the Rambles...

I picked the mail up out of the box today
And the first thing on top was this
I mean, my husband has been gone for 8 1/2 months
Can't the county get the message in that length of time
This made my stomach turn

You all know I am addicted to Excedrin
Here are a few of my little stash bottles
 I am Happy to report that I have NOT had
Any Excedrin in 2 whole days
That may not seem like much to you
But it is a BIG deal to me :)
Yes, I have a horrible rebound headache today but....
This too shall pass

I was excited to get my SRP (electric) bill yesterday
I am on the 'managed' plan so I pay the same amount every month all year
And it just went down another $15.00 per month
3 months ago it went down $20.00
I'm learning to turn off lights and electronics that I am not using
Now if I could only figure out a way to get my phone/internet/cable bills down:)

If you haven't noticed
I am Loving PaperCoterie
They have done some fabulous work for me
And I highly recommend them

My son is going for his introduction and evaluation
At the new barn we have chosen for him to ride at
I can tell he is getting super, duper excited

Because I keep finding things like this lying around the house

And Sixth,
You may All think I am Crazy
But I have been contemplating getting another dog
Yikees! Did I just type that?
Even though Matthew's dog follows me around the house
It is his dog and I feel like I want my own
I guess the loneliness has cased my brain to fry

I guess that about does it for tonight
Who has great plans for the holiday weekend?
I don't ~ So please share and let me live Vicariously through you ~ LOL

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  1. Ramble away! Get a puppy dog! Have lunch with your buddy Lee tomorrow or Monday. :)


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