Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tackling The List

I am so blessed to have my sister live nearby
She came over Saturday and helped me clean
One of the lingering projects I had on my list
Was to clean the fan I use in by bathroom
It has been neglected for sososo long
I'm not sure the photo does the dirt justice
But at least I got it clean and now
I can use it without sneezing :)
Very simple project I needed to do
Was to get rid of this
This heart wreath has been on my front door since February
I look at it nearly everyday
And say to myself
I need to take that down and put up something new
Holidays have past
Yet is still resides on its weathered post
Until today that is
I stopped by Tilly's Attic
And found this for less than $7

Now my front door has caught up to the 'season'
Now if the weather would just cooperate :)

And, no photos included
But my bathrooms were cleaned from top to bottom (hehe)
So now I can forge ahead with some more
Tackling in the next few days

Considering Even The Smallest of Tasks Completed
With Great Joy,


  1. Love the wreath! Wish I had a Tilly's attic, whatever that is...

    I just pulled out my fall wreath and flag. The door has been wreathless since December.


  2. How wonderful to have your sister nearby and to come over and help you clean! She's a gem! I'd stay in her good graces!

    A clean bathroom always makes me smile!! Enjoy yours!


  3. Love the wreath! Sounds like you are making some good progress on your to-do list!! That always makes you feel like you accomplished something.


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