Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Had Not Gone There and Randomness

Disclaimer: This post will be all over the place :)

I spent most of the morning cleaning our two bathrooms which took about 4 hours; let's just say they had been quite neglected in recent weeks. As I was finishing up I noticed something I had forgotten about when I cleaned out my closet and bedroom several weeks ago. Tucked neatly under what used to be hubby's side of the bed I found this:

Several pair of his shoes lined up exactly the way he always had them. After I put my heart back in my chest, I took this photo and then boxed up the shoes for donation. He had the tiniest feet (size 7 men's) I don't know anyone who wears a men's 7. Even my boys are larger than that! One more act in the process of letting go.

Have any of you been watching this? I happened to find it last night and stayed up until 1:30 this morning watching. At 12:15am I saw the very first glimpse of the open shell and the tiniest little eaglet begin to wiggle his wet body around. It was quite a sight that (even though it is on webcam) I am thankful I got to watch.

My little K-bel turned 7 months on Wednesday. I have a hard time believing she is sitting and ready to crawl any day! Where does the time go?

Changes are still planned for this ol' blog! I have found that as I journey through this grieving process and attempt to figure out what life will hold in my tomorrow's I need to have some sort of focus. So, I plan on doing three types of blog posts per week.

Sunday night or Monday I will post Weekend Warrior. This will be the before and after shots of projects that I really need to accomplish around the house. Tomorrow I will post several pictures of things I will be working on.

Wednesday I will post Wednesday Word where I will share a scripture or something God has laid on my heart.

Fridays I will post Welcome to Family Friday which will consist of a variety of family type posts. I may share photos of my family, parenting tips, weekly menu ideas, family vacation sites or some other family item.

I am hoping this will give me a focus and my posts will be more consistent as well as informative and fun.

Considering CHANGE a necessary Process,



  1. The pictures of your precious husbands shoes . . . whew . . . tough one!

    Girl, you are STRONG!

    Sending you hugs . . .

  2. Lol lots of posts here, I have enjoyed my time spent here, and will be back, I am now following you too, have a very blessed day, Barbara from


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