Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Day with MJC

Some days you just have to shut out the pain of the world

and spend time with someone you love

That is what I did today

This is my MJC

Doctors said he wouldn't live 1 year

He is almost 26


We had lunch at his favorite place

NOT mine ~ But His:)

Then we went to one of our favorite

Antique Malls

MINE not his!

After a few more stops

We came home and worked on a couple of his projects

That needed a little help

I don't know what it is

Yet, he needed his head put back on

MJC and the treasure he found today
He LOVES horses

The only treasure I found today

I am getting ready to decorate my laundry room

and thought this might be cute

For dinner we had something from this place

I think I wore him out

Came home to a nice surprise in the mail

Two letters from my sponsor child

Through World Vision

Mark from Uganda:)

He asked how his 'namesake' was doing!

Now I have to send a letter letting him know

my Mark is with Jesus:(

Considering a Day with A Loved One Simply Joyful,



  1. What a wonderful day!!! My boys love Arby's too!! Keep on one day at a time!!

    Love ya, Connie

  2. What a fun day! So glad you enjoyed it. xoxo


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