Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Wonderful


It has been a Wonderfully BUSY Weekend

Not sure if this 50+ year old totally out of shape

woman can do too many of these

But it Has Been Great

My weekend started out early Saturday morning with

a trip to a (beautiful resort) in Paradise Valley to meet Tiffany.

I have been following Tiffany's blog for quite some time

and it just so happened that she was in town

so we made plans to meet up for coffee.

Tiffany has a beautiful spirit as well as a beautiful

testimony of God's faithfulness and grace.

I pray we will all be able to read her story someday

However until that time

I urge you to visit her blog here

And get to know this precious woman of God

When I arrived home after my visit with Tiffany

I found this 'crew' cleaning up my front yard

This years 'winter' really took a toile on my

Boxwoods and other plants

But I just haven't had the energy to clean it up

How could I ever repay

Son #1, friend G, Sis and BIL

Thank you all SO, SO, SO much

The yard looks wonderful!!!!

Next, I had a quick visit from one of my nephews and his bride

This is son #2, nephew and niece-in-love

with some of the furry cousins of our family

Thank you for blessing me with a visit

After that visit

I decided to go to the local park

and watch another nephew-in-love's

last softball game

They were playing for the Championship

Finished 2nd :) Way To Go !!!

These are two of my niece and nephew-in-loves kiddos

As soon as the game was over

Son #1 called to see if I would mind

watching his girls for awhile

Look at those faces

Would you say NO

Even if mom and dad didn't come home until 11PM

Yes, this Nana was super tired after a very long day

Sunday came with a flurry of noise and busyness as well

I forgot to mention that son #1 had a few friends spend the night Saturday

in order to rise early and go stand in line to pick up these

They had been planning this weekend for months

and it finally arrived

Off they went at 7AM

which allowed me a quiet hour

to prepare for worship service here

Boy, was I Happy to be in church this morning:)

Service was awesome

Pastor began a new series entitled: Multiply

I can't wait to hear ALL of it in the weeks ahead!!

God is Wonderful

After service it was a quick trip to the

grocery store to pick up

'supplies' necessary for the boys BBQ

Here are a couple of them

They did grill their own meat

When that grill was off

I left the house for awhile to run some errands

and give them some focus timeto play their new games

I didn't know if their parents would want their faces

on my blog so I made them turn around:)

Soon after I arrived home

Son #1 called and wanted me to come by

to 'visit' hubby's 1949

He has taken one front fender off already and

is in the process of taking the second one off now

He invited his family over for dinner tonight

So I must get off this computer and start dinner for them

as well as those 20 something year old boys

who are spending the night again

I look forward to going to work tomorrow

so I can REST !!!!

Considering a Busy Weekend, Wonderful



  1. BreastCancerSisterhoodMarch 29, 2011 at 10:38 AM

    Hi Girl!
    Sounds like you had a love filled, much needed weekend, and a yard crew to boot! Please send them my direction.

    I've spent the last few days scrubbing the front porch--2 girlfriends coming to spend Friday night--and still have the back porch to scrub.

    Hope you don't mind, but I mentioned you in my blog this week, only by your first name. You are in my prayers every time I talk with God.

    This week I feel like I've turned a corner and am headed up hill. How about you?


  2. Mercy, you made me tired just reading this! Hope you've found some rest this week.

    Thanks for the beautiful card in the mail today. It brightened my world.

    Peace to you~elaine

  3. Loved our time together. Thank you for making the drive, I sure appreciate you.

    I sure hope you feel rested.

    Sending love and hugs,



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