Saturday, April 9, 2011

2 Weekend Warrior Projects

Happy Saturday Bloggy Friends! I decided to post 2 Weekend Warrior entries this week because I am working on 2 projects. This post will consist of the down and 'dirty' of my real life and the next will (hopefully) show some 'Happy' after shots!!! So, without further stalling here are the 'dirty' before shots:

It is a MUST that I clean this office.

With life being what it has been over the past three months I have let this place go.

I dislike walking in this room yet I spend a great deal of time in here.

So, today IS the day I must clean and clear out the clutter:)


During Mark's illness and subsequent passing I left the pool ignored.

I relied on the in-floor cleaning system to work while I was not

and regretfully it decided to quit working.

I had Shasta come out and replace the gears (YAY for lifetime warranties)

Now the system works but ............

I let it go untouched too long.

This week/weekend needs to be the turning point for this pool!

Last summer I only put my swimsuit on twice

Due to all of Mark's hospitalizations and illness.

This year I am looking forward to getting in and

swimmin' some of these unwanted pounds away.

What are your projects for this weekend?

Will post after photo's Sunday night:)


Considering A Project or two with JOY,


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  1. You can do it girl!!!

    I can't wait for the updated pics!


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