Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Warrior Results

Oh how I wish I could show you photos of major accomplishments in my weekend projects tonight yet relationships take precedence over projects and I didn't quite finish what I set out to do. However, I did work hard (with the help of son #1) on the pool and I can share some of those pics!

If you recall the pool started off looking like this

I had let it go while Mark was ill and after his passing

and then the in-floor cleaning system quit working

I had that fixed and thus began the process of turning

this swamp back into a pool

My son #1 has been a huge help to me during these past few months

And pool cleaning was no exception

He scrubbed and scrubbed

Oops, he used dish soap .......... uuummmm

Long process of getting the 'suds' out!

Then I got to take over

These were the 5 1/2 year old filters

Which hubby and I cleaned together every 6 months

But it was really time for a change

I made a trip to "Shasta" Pools

to purchase new filters and salt

Then put the new ones in

I also cleaned all the skimmer baskets and long term filters

Refilled the pool and now I have this

I still have some chemical things to take care of

As well as landscaping issues

But this is a pool I would be happy to jump into

Sunday after church my refrigerator looked like this:

I think son #2 believes I will never feed him again

I just seem to have trouble keeping much of anything stocked

So we made a trip to the grocery store

And now the frig looks like this:

He will be so happy to have many snacks and maybe even a few home cooked meals this week

As for the office...

Well, lets just say the 1/3 of it is complete and hopefully you will get a peek next week:)

Considering Projects Completed Very Rewarding,



  1. It is good to see you keeping busy with these projects and I'm happy for you that you have help. My son can relate to the fridge thing. I keep a lot in the pantry and freezer so the refrigerator itself doesn't look like there's much to eat and he complains! lol

  2. Looks like you are getting things done. I love that feeling.

    Wanted to stop in and give you a hug.




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