Monday, September 27, 2010

A Welcome Change of Subject!

In between work and the hospital
I am attempting to fill
life's little moments with
our precious little ones.

Our grandbabies (and their parents)
came to the hospital
to visit their Papa
At home
Grandbabies and Niece
I think I LOVE her :)

Spent Saturday at WestWorld
Son #2 had a horse show
and though it was hard for
both of us to be there without 'daddy'
We made a great day
out of it!

This time he was in the
2' division with (20) rideres
LONG day
Great fun

How could you not want to
honor this 'cute' face?
He so loves being with
the horses and other
riders from our awesome barn

Updates on Mark tonight!

Considering Special Moments with Great Joy,


  1. YAY for special moments to carry you through! I can't imagine your days...but I'm thankful you know God. Praying God works a miracle in your matter what the spoken words of man have been I pray that He touch his frail body and make it strong to Jesus name, AMEN

  2. I enjoyed your welcome change of subject and catching up on your blog!


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