Wednesday, September 22, 2010



a : easily broken or destroyed

b : constitutionally delicate : lacking in vigor

Fragile is not a word that has often been used to describe neither myself nor my husband.
It is also not a word we use to describe much of anything in our home.
We tend to keep things simple because we truly Live in our home.

There is one piece in our home that has a bit of a No Touch rule
for the many small children who roam around our home from time to time.

We inherited a beautiful old china cabinet which came from Bodie, California
Bodie is now a State Historic Park but once was a booming Gold Town
on the Eastern Slopes of the High Sierra Mountain.
Bodie was also a town of which hubby's family owned most of
including the mine - WhooHoo - Too bad none of that came to us:)

The china cabinet has traveled with us on our journey through nearly 30 years of marriage and continues to be a very special, yet fragile, reminder of hubby's family heritage.

When little Katie was born a few weeks ago, we thought she was our most fragile little person in our family. Born 3 weeks early and teeny, tiny we protected her from any germs and most little hands, we kept her safe in our arms and made sure she was followed closely. Now she is making great strides in growth and her health is perfect. We adore her (uuhh dah~~).

Today, Fragile has become a word to describe my hubby's health.
He is very ill, more so than any of us want to admit.

In the past 24 hours we have learned that he not only has the Legionella bacteria he also has the pseudomonas bacteria. Each of these on their own in a normally healthy person is treatable yet has a low mortality rate. In a person who is immune-compromised and has Both of these bacteria's growing in their lungs has a Very High Mortality Rate.

Today marks the end of two weeks in the hospital and tomorrow we wake up to the beginning of week number three with the knowledge that if hubby is to recover from this illness he will be hospitalized at least another 2-3 weeks or longer depending on his ability to fight.

Hubby has always been a fighter!! Not in the physical sense but fighting for what he believes in and fighting to stay strong. Through End Stage Renal Failure and a kidney transplant he has remained strong and even went back to full time employment 6 weeks post transplant. He never missed time from work after that nor did he want to be treated any differently than pre-illness.

However, this past summer has taken it's toile on his small framed body and Fragile has become the new description of not only his health but his tiny frame. He is all skin and bones with the exception of the fluid retained in his extremities. His voice is frail, his movements are shaky and his drive to fight is fading.

I believe in the God of Healing!
I believe in the God of Strength!
I believe in the God of Peace!

I believe in the God who protects the weak and covers them with HOPE!!

Today I have to Believe!!!
Considering Believing in A Strong God with Great Joy,


  1. Oh my, Cindy. I am praying for you and your husband! I can't imagine what you're going through. You are so strong. This post is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so sorry you're going through this. Promise to keep sending up big prayers!

  2. And friend I stand next to you believe Him for all things!!!

  3. I hear the struggle in your words, not just for you but for your husband as well. I can almost see the hope slipping in him, but I can also see the mighty strength in both of you because of your faith. Not long ago, I came across this picture on someone's blog... I've now ordered it for myself. It speaks of who we are in Christ; his bride & his warrior.

    Battle up, sweet sister, even as I am, and encourage your husband to do so as well. Our God is mighty to save and his willingness to intervene into our pain and suffering is matchless.

    Here's that link... (entitled "the bride prepares")


  4. Oh Cindy, my heart aches for you and your husband, I hear your words faithful and true. May God rest his healing hands on Mark, may the Holy Spirit fill him with hope and may he see the love of Jesus shining through you as you are beside him.

    I love you.

  5. I sat staring at this screen to leave a comment early today. I didn't have words then, so I didn't leave any at the time.

    I still don't have words. I can't say I know what you're going thru. But I prayed for you after I caught up on what has been going on.

    I can't imagine...... but our God is so big, and yet he knows what happens to the littlest bird.... he knows your heart, hears your pain mixed with hope and faith and fear. He loves you and your husband and your family. He will carry you through it all.

    Sending love and more prayers your way.

  6. I'm sorry you all are going throught this. All I know is this: The God in whom we place our faith is trustworthy.

  7. I believe in the God of Healing!
    I believe in the God of Strength!
    I believe in the God of Peace!

    Amen, Amen, Amen!!!
    I also believe that there is incredible HOPE in our Lord.
    I'll continue praying for peace, comfort, and healing. Not to mention to desire to keep on fighting.
    Love you girl - this post was very touching.

  8. I jut found your blog today and cannot express enough words to say how inspiring I find you. Your faith, your hope your pure diligence and love.

    Please take it one day at a time, and give yourself extreme self care. I believe your husband will recover. I just do. Prayers and blessing to you both.

  9. I am praying for your precious husband and for you.

    Gentle, comforting hugs,


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