Friday, September 10, 2010

In This Season...

Have you noticed that many of us are blogging about season's. I suppose when the weather changes it makes us contemplate our life changes as well. God has been leading me through a change of season's for a while now but I have this incredible way of avoiding or being rebellious when it comes to a change in season that isn't of my choosing.

So in tonight's post, maybe due to exhaustion, vulnerability will surface and I will share my heart.

Three and a half years ago when I opted to resign my positions and we withdrew our membership from the church we had attended for 11 years, I honestly didn't realize the all encompassing changes our family would experience. I believed that after a time of rest we would settle into a new church and pick up where we left off in ministry and beyond.

We have been blessed and settled into a sweet little church where we are quite happy and believe God placed us there. As far as ministry goes though, I tried, and tried, and tried. I attempted to lead a couple different ministries but my heart just never would follow my actions.

Ministry in the church has always been extremely important to me. There have been times when it was more important than family or anything else (yes, I know that is wrong). Nonetheless, that is the way it was.

Today, I see change on the horizon. A change that God has been attempting to help me grasp for some time. You see, it is a new season in my life and I think I am finally ready to not only accept that change but also embrace it.

God has asked me to 'come home'. To minister to my family and walk in His ways with them. My heart wants to minister to the world, write books and be a public speaker but God's heart wants me to live out my faith to my family in this season.

I have dreams and visions of greatness! Sometimes I think God has fun laughing at my silliness! But for now He is not laughing, He is just asking. Cindy, are you willing to be obedient to my heart and minister to your family in this season? I am finally saying: YES, Lord!

So, in this season I am ready to obey the voice of the Lord and not question my future.

In this season I will rise up tomorrow morning and finish removing all the brick in front of the house in order to meet HOA requirements.

In this season I will paint the trim of our home within the next 8 days to meet the requirements of the HOA.

In this season I will spend as much time as possible at the hospital ministering and visiting with my husband.

In this season I will pray and trust God as to how to meet the needs of #2 son and his equestrian commitments.

In this season I will believe that God has my life in His hands and sees the entire picture not just the few pieces I hold in my hand.

In this season I accept that God really does have a plan and today His purpose is being revealed.

In this season I will help #1 son, DIL and two beautiful granddaughter's get ready to move and bond in their new lives as a family of 4.

In this season I will rejoice in laundry, dirty dishes, vacuuming and even cleaning bathrooms. (Can't believe I just wrote that - HA)

In this season I will remember my blog title: Consider It All Joy. God has a reason for making James my favorite book.

In this season I will remember that my blog is just an outlet to journal, keep track of life's joys and struggles, and family events. It is not a place to get kudos and accolades from anonymous visitors to feed my ego. (Although, at this time I really could use some of that - HAHA)

In this season I think my heart is finally catching up with God's.

In this season I am 'coming home' to my family and I believe It Is About Time.

Considering God's Voice Peaceful,


  1. And in this season my beautiful friend....

    I will send up praise to God for you!

    I will stand next to you and cheer you on!

    I will be committed to praing you through!

    I will love you!

    On Purpose

  2. Beautiful CIndy! I am right there with you! You are right where God wants you and you will see it!

    Love you!

  3. I absolutely love this post, Cindy. You have such a beautiful heart. I pray your husband is doing okay!


  4. In this season, I wish I could be right there, alongside you, encouraging you (as well as myself) to do the hard thing of making home and hearth a priority. I, too, have struggled with many of these things. It's hard for me to serve at home when my heart is elsewhere... longing to serve the "greater good" beyond my four walls.

    I'm gaining ground and perspective on this issue, but God's taken me through my paces on this one.

    Side note: Just this morning, I was reading the "football program" for my son's college--the annual, slicky print magazine they put out each year at the beginning of the season to announce the team, coaches, etc. He's a mass-comm student and wrote a stellar article on one of the star players this year.

    His topic isn't my thing, nor does it usually bring tears to my eyes, but this morning it did. I sat back, thought about these past 21 years with him (how quickly and slowly it's all gone) and how, right now, in this season of my life, it makes me so very happy to see him in his "becoming." Those are the moments when I think that maybe I've not done such a bad job of serving my family well.

    Think on those things, friend. You're doing better than you think you are.


  5. I am right there with you...being called home. To love on my family well. To love on them most. And it does take surrender and trust...especially when you feel called to write and speak and such.

    Praying for you as follow His lead. Praying for your husband, for answers and for healing. Praying that as you pour out your love on all of those around you that the Father will fill your heart in amazing and tender ways.



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