Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today ~

Today ~ A phone call with the news I didn't want to hear yet I did!

Today ~ More answers than questions.

Today ~ Legionnaires Disease!

Today ~ My heart sank and my body shook.

Today ~ New medications.

Today ~ New protocols.

Today ~ Isolation garb for staff entering the room.

Today ~ Lowering oxygen!

Today ~ No blood transfusions but Epo shots instead.

Today ~ Mixed emotions of fear and peace!

Today ~ Exhaustion times 11 days!!!

Today ~ HOPE!

Today ~ Considering Joy,


  1. I know I am far away physically but I am praying hard and I know and believe God is with you.

  2. I am thinking about you and all you are going thru and sending hugs and prayers your way!

    Love ya, Connie

  3. A new path... a new, freshly installed portion of grace and peace to see you through.

    God's grace and peace. It will be enough. He is enough. Lean in to Jesus today.


  4. Praying for you, friend. I love the last one... HOPE! You're amazing. Love ya'.


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