Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Living by faith and not by sight is akin to walking on water when you don't know how to swim.
You just trust!! And today we continue to live by faith even when we cannot see the results we would like to see.

As we are sojourners in this new season we ask our God to open our hearts to all He desires for us to learn. This is a place not of our choosing but of God's plan and we know the investment in our relationships both with each other and with God will be better for this season.

After an entire week of hospitalization there are more questions than answers. Doctor's have found more things wrong than right but we live by Faith!

For many years I have said my family motto is:

"Through it All: FAITH"

Well, today I live, breath and walk that motto!

I think I need to make a house sign!

I thank each of you
and Others
for your continued prayer support!

I cannot do this alone!

Considering It All Joy,

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